Our company

Fokas Leather Furniture Company specializes in the manufacture of high quality leather furniture available in Greece and Europe.

Our company is well known for the manufacture of high quality leather furniture that you can easily obtain through the online store www.e-fokas.gr.

The production of leather furniture began in 1990 and today we’re celebrating more than 29 years of furniture creation. The company is headquartered in Eleftherio Kordelio in Thessaloniki with more than 14 skilled craftsmen.

Our company is the oldest manufacturer of leather furniture in Greece.


Fokas Leather Furniture Company begins and finishes the creation of furniture from the construction of the skeleton, the cushions, the cutting and stitching of the leather, the process of upholstery and the placement of the furniture in the client’s space.


We offer over 40 stylish furniture choices and over 100 different leather options.


We combine state-of-the-art manufacturing with the delivery of meticulous, handmade details, the production of stylish, long lasting and durable furniture. They are unique pieces of furniture that can be passed down from generation to generation. The company is committed to provide the same valuable leather furniture that their customers have experienced in recent decades.


Green Initiative

Fokas Leather Furniture Company is proud to ensure that our products, processes, employees and suppliers will reduce the negative impact on the environment.

  • Our hardwood suppliers are committed to rebuilding the forests.
  • Our leathers have water-based trim without the use of PCP chlorophenols.
  • Our foams do not contain harmful CFCs.

We filter all wood waste, sawdust and dust and recycle wood, foam and leather, as well as office supplies. Chemicals and hazardous materials are monitored and disposed from the production process. We are constantly striving to update our equipment and policies. We train our employees to meet the high expectations of our customers with 100% support at all levels of our management.


Wood paint

We choose water-soluble colors instead of oil colors, we are looking for eco-friendly colors that bear the Daisy sign (European certification).

Wood painting is an eco-friendly antimicrobial water color suitable for indoors and outdoors. It is certified according to the criteria of the EU Eco-label Award Board, according to EN 71-3:2013 standard for the non-migration of heavy metals from children’s toys and objects and from Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd Registered in England for its hypoallergenic and antimicrobial activity according to ISO 22196:2007.

It is low odor when applied because it does not contain ammonia or other dangerous substances such as aromatic hydrocarbons, free formaldehyde, heavy metals or alkylphenolethoxylates.

Thanks to its special composition it prevents the development of color germs, making it ideal for aseptic – hygienic areas such as children’s rooms, hospitals, maternity hospitals, surgeries, medical facilities, schools, kindergartens, gyms, food stores, hotels etc.