Triple Seat Leather Couch Tripoli Groupo Mastrotto

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Furniture dimensions:

  • Triple Seat Couch: length 210cm, depth 95cm, height 85cm, seat height 43cm

Wood dyeing colors are used from the leading German AURO natural color company, guaranteeing a consistent, ecological and natural choice of raw materials. The full publication of all ingredients in each package ensures maximum transparency and is a particularly important subject for people with allergies. It offers certified products, modern materials from specialized researchers and follows the highest technical specifications. Thanks to its many years of experience it is developing innovative products of the future.

We have high demands and expectations on the quality of AURO products: Quality is continuously tested in order to succeed all criteria (social, ecological, technological, economical etc). The company has been repeatedly rewarded with great awards and recognition.


  • 100% Made in Greece
  • The furniture is ranked at the top of European quality
  • 100% Handmade
  • 4 to 6 weeks delivery from our factory directly to your home
  • Durable beechwood frame in combination with plywood.


  • The transfer and delivery of furniture is free of charge from Fokas Leather Furniture factory in your premises and no extra costs.
  • FREE transportation covers Greece and Cyprus through the network of transportation companies.
  • Transportation and delivery of Fokas furniture is FREE with TNT Economy Express to: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland.

Mastrotto leather (from their classic collection) is used in the carving of the furniture, which is 100% original cow leather with superior quality, painted with aniline. The finish is with oils – natural wax and resins. It is a product with a firm, ceramic feel and glowing look. The leathers are human-friendly and the dye has no trace of chlorophenol, a dangerous substance PCP-TCP-TECP.

Leather protection: Avoid direct exposure to the sunlight. Avoid exposure to heat sources.

Mastrotto leather (from Tuscania collection) is 100% high quality leather, painted with aniline. The finishing is water-based, with wax, anilines and resins being scattered, offering a thin appearance. The leathers are human-friendly and the dye has no trace of chlorophenol, a dangerous substance PCP-TCP-TECP.

Leather protection: Avoid direct exposure to the sunlight. Avoid exposure to heat sources.

Select the type of cushions you want from our 4 different options.


Fokas standard cushions use high-strength and density polyutethane foam to provide durability, support and comfort. Polyurethane foam is wrapped in  a generous soft layer of Dacron polyester fiber. For extra soft and velvety appearance, the cushion is filled with a special blend of blown polyester fibers and, to avoid displacement, is inserted into a fabric cover. The cushion is then inserted into a zipper leather case. This provides seat comfort and long lasting durability, keeping the shape of the cushion for years to come.


Fokas pleasure cushions include feathers and offer a more enjoying sitting experience.  The construction is the same as the Fokas standard cushions, except that the upper side of the cushion has been placed downward and is filled with a mixture of 80% duck feathers and 30% polyester fibers. Feathers selection offers a softer seat but like all feather cushions, they tend to be smoothed over time and need to be rearranged occasionally.


Another pillow choice is Fokas eternity cushions which are similarly made with the Fokas standard cushions but include pocket strings in the core of the polyurethane material. These cushions keep their shape better and provide more and better support, a stable and balanced function when sitting and getting up. They’re excellent for elderly or heavier people who want a more stable and firm seat.


Fokas exclusive cushions are a combination of the Fokas pleasure cushions and Fokas eternity cushions.

The bovine leather is of asian origin, corrected and embossed. The finishing touches are water based with resins and pigments. The leather has a shiny two-color effect and elegant transparency.

The leather is made from bovine animals of European origin, corrected and embossed. Its finish is water-based. The leather has a colored and protective coating providing a silky and matte finish.

The leather comes from bovine animals of european origin and offers an embossed feeling. The finishing touches are water based. The leather has a colored and protective coating with a silky matte finish.